Mathira’s Vulgar Dance In MAlko New Song

Famous Pakistani controversial actress Mathira is again in the news for her acts as she has been now found dancing very vulgar in the new MALKOO songs.

Check here the video of the song!

Malkoo, Mathira feat. AK – Nachdi Kamaal Billo by spicyvideos



9 thoughts on “Mathira’s Vulgar Dance In MAlko New Song

  1. Shame on u Samina, isstarha kisi ki beti k baray mai alfaaz kehte hue, ap khud bhi kisi ki beti ho
    Kia pata bechari se gun point per shooting kerae ho , aur vo aisa kuch na kerna chahti ho

    Pakistani mentality :/

  2. I didn’t see anything that I would not see in other songs. In fact its more decent then where in Bollywood now you can see almost everything. You people are sick, jealous and want to pick on little things in life that do not matter to us. Go talk about people who have no homes and are living poorly . people that need to be seen so someone can comment about and maybe see how bad people are living in thia world.

  3. completely agree suleiman, paki society is a bunch of psychos living in a restricted society where they can hardly talk to girls thats y they get so desperate when they see a hot chick like mathira, these paki people will condemn such vulgarity by posting comments on blogs on internet while at the same time they watch porn in nite time making them the top most state in porn searching…hahahaha, hypocrites

  4. Is Me Aesa Kya Hai Bhae? Ye Bollywood K Item Songs Se To Much Better Dressing Hai
    “Khuda K Waste Kissi K Bare Me Bolne Se Pehle Apne Aap Ko To Dekh Lo Yaar K Khud Kya Ho”

    Aaj Kal Ki News Anchor Bhi Naam Ka Dupatta Leti Hai Un Ko To Roko Pehle MEDIA Ko To Bus News Chahye Or Hamari Awam Baate


    Or Aaj Kal Ka To FASHION Hai Dupatta Gale Me Hota Hai Sab Ka Sirf Naam K Musalmaan Hai Hum So Plzzzzz Har Koi Apne Ache Bure Ka Khud Zemedaar Hai So Plzzzz For GOD Sake Kissi Ko Discuss KAr K Apne Gunhao Me IZafa Mat Karo..Plzzzzzzz


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